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Time to Burn with Michael Angelo Batio: Applying Sweep Picking to Chord Progressions, Part 2 May 25, 2018
Last month, I introduced the concept of applying different sweep-picked arpeggio shapes to a series
Starr Power: Charlie Starr Discusses Blackberry Smoke's Stellar New Album, 'Find a Light' May 25, 2018
When Guitar World catches up with Charlie Starr, the Blackberry Smoke singer and guitarist is in Cha
How Nine Famous Guitarists Deal with Broken Strings on Stage May 25, 2018
Someone—better known as YouTube's Blend Guitar—has created a fun and fascinating vid
Add Some Staccato, Jake E. Lee-Inspired Licks to Your Arsenal May 25, 2018
A while back, I showed you how to play a solo I recorded for the new White Wizzard album. In that so
86 Interesting Guitar Chords May 25, 2018
Having a sizable arsenal of simple (to complex) chords is something many guitar players underva
Review: PRS Guitars John Mayer Silver Sky May 25, 2018
I’ve enjoyed numerous conversations and interviews with PRS Guitars founder Paul Reed Smith. O
Watch George Harrison, John Fogerty and Bob Dylan Jam in 1987 May 24, 2018
On the night of February 19, 1987, Taj Mahal and the Graffiti Band—featuring Jesse Ed Dav
Seven Habits That Will Make You a Better Guitarist May 24, 2018
Like the headline says, here are seven habits — habits you'll need to get into — tha
Stacking Harmony to Achieve Modern, Progressive Sounds May 24, 2018
Hi, and welcome to my new Guitar World column. Over the course of these lessons, I will be discussin
Sepultura Premiere Previously Unreleased Live Version of "Arise" May 24, 2018
Today, we've teamed up with Rhino and Brazilian metal legends Sepultura to premiere a previously

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