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AC/DC: A Five-Minute Guitar-and-Drum Chronology July 18, 2018
Some of you might remember drummer Kye Smith, whose popular video, "The Beatles: A Five-Min
Colorful Jazz-Blues Chord Substitutions July 18, 2018
Last month, I introduced the 12-bar jazz-blues progression, which is a more musically sophisticated
Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel Announce New Album, 'Patina' July 18, 2018
Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel have announced their second album, Patina. Patina—which is
Album Review: Matty T. Wall Turns In a Six-String Gem with 'Sidewinder' July 18, 2018
For anyone who might question Matty T. Wall’s love for the guitar, just watch the video for th
Symphony X Guitarist Michael Romeo Shares New Song, “Fear the Unknown” July 18, 2018
Back in May, Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo announced his official solo debut, War of the Worlds
Five Small Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Guitar Playing July 18, 2018
Imagine Zakk Wylde and Chuck Berry playing the same lick through the same rig. It would sound totall
How to Tap Like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and Reb Beach July 18, 2018
Fretboard tapping was a novel technique when Eddie Van Halen recorded his groundbreaking, legendary
60-Second Songwriting: Song Structure Basics—the Outro July 17, 2018
60-Second Songwriting aims to offer quick, concise, song-craft tips, basics and blasts for the time-
Watch Rob Chapman's Ernie Ball Music Man Experience Documentary July 17, 2018
Brighton, UK-based guitarist, entrepreneur and YouTuber Rob Chapman recently traveled across the glo
Three Quick "Brain Hacks" for Creating Killer Guitar Solos July 17, 2018
Hey, guys! Over the course of the next few videos, I'm going to tackle some burning issues,

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